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Our Unique Collaborative Approach

Our research benefits from bringing your voice and perspectives into the conversation.

Our membership is designed to deliver real-time insights, perspectives, and analysis about the most urgent and important people practices in today’s workplace. Because all of us are smarter than any one of us, we’ve built that idea into our methodology:

  • Literature reviews that cast a wide net to capture a diversity of ideas

  • Roundtables and interviews that bring our community into the conversation

  • Surveys that intersect ideas with quantitative data  

  • Major outcomes are distilled into reports, webinars, graphics, and tools to make insights actionable.

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Take a quick tour of our platform with one of our cofounders, Stacia Garr. FInd out what's behind the curtain, including research, tools, and a really great community.

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  • Upskill your team. Help your team develop the skills they need to have a true impact on the organization. Get the latest research on skills, DEIB, analytics, learning, and people technology. 
  • Get on the same page. Get your team on the same page and heading in the same direction! Leverage models and tools that can create a common language and mindset. 
  • Connect with others. Member-only monthly webinars, roundtables, and a rich community can help your team think outside of the proverbial boring, boring box. 

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